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Low Pressure Sodium Electronic LPS Ballast 36W 24V

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Low Pressure Sodium Electronic LPS Ballast 36W 24V

Quality electronic ballast

  • Stabilizes and improves light quality.

  • Easy to install and very low maintenance.

  • Fast start-up. Extend life-span of lamp.

  • Small size, light-weight.

  • Protective safety functions.

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BERSN is a leading manufacturer of quality electronic ballast. Electronic ballast stabilizes current flow and improves power consumption in low voltage lamps when used for green applications. Electronic ballast for lighting provides a positive resistance or reactance that limits the current to an appropriate level.

Electronic Ballast (CJSC "Chip and Dip")

Low pressure sodium (LPS) lamps are high in efficiency (200lm/W), long in lifespan, and seldom affected by ambient temperature. LPS lamps reduce light polution with a monochromatic yellow colour rendering. Popular applications for LPS lighting include roads, tunnels, airports, harbors and docks. Excellent choice for low energy security and perimeter lighting. BERSN ballast can be used for SOX-E and SOX low-pressure sodium lamps.

BERSN E-ballast changes the frequency of the power from the standard 60 Hz (United States) frequency to 20,000 Hz or higher, substantially eliminating the flicker affect. Constant wattage output stabilizes the light and improves lighting efficiency resulting in a reduction of energy consumed.

Review the Philips ESOX Production Description before selecting BERSN Electronic Ballast

Learn the difference between AC and DC Electronic Ballast. In the most basic terms, DC electronic ballast are used for off-grid solar lighting systems.

Magnetic ballast consumes about 20% more energy. Eliminate the "ho-hum" sound. Switch to electronic ballast.


  • Quick ignition.
  • Inspection is recommended every six months to ensure safety and long life.
  • Quality CE, ISO9002.
  • Each ballast is tested before shipment.
  • Inspection is recommended every six months to ensure safety and long life.
  • 1-year exchange warranty.

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Product Specifications

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Low Pressure Sodium LPS Electronic Ballast 36W 24V

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Additional Information

Watts 20-39
DC Ballast 24V
Manufacturer BERSN
FOB Hong Kong

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