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BioMe Noiz LED Ear Buds with microphone

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BioMe Noiz LED Ear Buds with microphone

Lights, camera, action with glittering Noiz LED Ear Buds.

  • Sway to the music with flashing LED lights.

  • No bulk covering your ears.

  • Light-weight.

  • Don’t bother other people. Enjoy your music.

  • Enjoy your music without other people bugging you!

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The photo kinda looks like the 'phone home dude," doesn't it?

The photo kinda looks like the 'phone home dude," doesn't it?

Oh Yeah Baby! You are staring at the original BioMe Noiz LED Ear Buds. After years of listening to rock and roll music, we got tired of staring at all the glittering lights on stage and wondered, why can't we wear our very own glittering lights too?

Yeah, wear them while dancing to the music. Listen to very cool meditation audios on your MP3 player.

The soft BioMe Noiz LED Ear Buds fit perfectly inside your ears, allowing you to enjoy your music in style while blocking unwanted outside noise. The BioMe Noiz LED Ear Buds will give you an intense listening experience with crisp, clear sound and powerful bass.

There is a secret switch in the microphone that allows you to manually change the colors or set it to flash different colors automatically in the following order: Red, Green Blue, Orange, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow.

* This unit is not waterproof. Do not expose to rain or water.

Two great videos coming for this product. Bookmark this page.

Put them on! BioMe Noiz LED Ear Buds can help relieve stress and actually attract attention...ya know, get noticed. Wink ;)

Boys, don't be shy. You can show them off too. View it as another 'boy-toy.'

If there is enough interest, we're thinking of selling heart-shaped and diamond-shaped BioMe LED Ear Buds too. Let us know.


    • Three LED's, one in each ear and one in the microphone.
    • Frequency: 20Hz - 20Khz.
    • Impedence: 32.
    • Sensivity: 105dfb.
    • Plug Specs: 3.5mm.
    • Wire Length: 1.2m.
    • Weight: 1.5 ounces.
    • Battery Type: AG5/398A * 2.

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BioMe Noiz LED Ear Buds with microphone



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